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Ossevatorio Sigep takes a snapshot of data and trends about European gelato

What about gelato consumption in Europe this summer? Between +3 and +5% in Spain; up to +12% in Italy in the art cities. And what about new flavours? White chocolate and asparagus in Germany and an Italian homage to the tennis champion Sinner.
The Osservatorio Sigep reveals new data and trends. Marco Carniello, CBO of IEG, explains: “In Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK, 2.2 billion gelatos were sold in 2023, a year in which, according to CREST-Circana data, gelato consumption in Europe grew by 4.7%. Circana forecasts an increase in 2024 thanks to consumers who see gelato as an accessible pleasure in a still uncertain economic context.”
Flavia Morelli, head of IEG’s food & beverage shows, adds: “In Italy in particular, the positive sales performances recorded this spring imply an estimated increase in consumption in Italy up from 6% to 12% in art cities due to the high number of international tourists.”


A thousand flavours

For Summer 2024, the Italian gelato maker Giancarlo Timballo, president of the Gelato World Cup, is going to launch new flavours drawing on local traditions and products, such as  raspberry and rosemary gelato. Eugenio Morrone, the owner of two gelato stores in Rome, has created a carrot, tangerine and lemon gelato as an homage to the Italian tennis champion Jannik Sinner. The “surprise”, however, is the return of the tiramisu flavour, increasingly successful especially among foreign tourists.
Marco Miquel Sirvent, president of the Asociación Nacional Heladeros Artesanos de España, highlights the health aspect with a trend for purchasing low-sugar gelato (although nougat, vanilla and chocolate are always on the rise). Forecasts for summer 2024 are optimistic with a 3-5% increase in consumption.
German consumers are poised between great classics and curiosity for new ideas, as explained by Dario Fontanella, founder of a well-known gelato store in Mannheim, Germany. For summer 2024 he has created a white chocolate gelato with asparagus, typical of the Baden-Württemberg region, and other new flavours include bergamot with curry and wasabi.

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