Welcome to our new website!

A new look, a fresher style and many enriched contents for the new Pasticceria Internazionale website. All new, starting from the name. For months we have been working on a new format and today we finally launch it. To tell you about it, we anticipate an extract of the article that you will find in the summer issue of our magazine. We are very proud and happy to welcome you in this renewed world of Pasticceria Internazionale!

Since 1978, our desire and our challenge have been to trace a path shared with all of you, made up of information and training, of narration and professional enhancement in all its forms, in Italy and abroad. Over 40 years of communication, which have allowed us to generate a real community gathering professionals and enthusiasts, for which we commit ourselves every day with earnestness and great passion. A dedicated work that allows us to enjoy a very high credibility of which we are very proud, which has increased exponentially in the last year, in which the pandemic has highlighted the need to find and spread reliable information and to deepen technical knowledge.
In this period, the active attendance of our website has greatly increased and this has led us to question ourselves how to offer you more updated services. A requirement that has always been crucial for us as we are proudly pioneers also online. The first “Pasticceria Internazionale” site dates back to the early 1990s and since then we have always worked according to changing needs, to tell about this magnificent world, and to reach as many people as possible all over the world, always being active also in English.
To tell, to listen, to explore, to anticipate, to understand, to study… this is what we like to do, because “Pasticceria Internazionale”, both in paper and digital format, wants and must be a useful daily tool able to express a super partes, impartial and a professional vision. And so our site dresses up choosing a new look, in mobile version firstly, and following the four concepts which are at the base of our editorial vision:

simplicity for an intuitive and pleasant browsing experience;
immediacy to allow users to quickly understand our company mission and tools;
reliability and depth thanks to our will to dig and explore with impartiality;
responsive design for optimal consultation through desktop and mobile devices.

An approach which is dictated every day by our being “artisans for artisans”, expanding our active commitment also to the illustration of the business and manufacturing segment, thus tracing a virtuous circle that dignifies the entire sector and concurs to its evolution and cohesion. This platform is the “home” of live events and initiatives which involve our large community through social medias, webinars, and so on, and it is also a precious display of our rich database of recipes which forms an unparalleled heritage.
But we stop here with the description. We invite you to live your own experience with our new http://www.pasticceriainternazionale.it and we will be happy to receive your written feedback and comments (and also criticisms!) at info@pasticceriainternazionale.it to improve service and quality. This dialogue is also strengthened by our newsletter, to which you can subscribe to receive updates, offers and information.

So welcome!

The editorial staff


Our technical volumes are available on shop.chiriottieditori.it and to know us better see also http://www.tuttogelato.ithttp://www.alimentifunzionali.it and http://www.foodexecutive.com.


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