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Leonardo Di Carlo is the author of a new almost-1000-pages and more-than-1000-recipes book, meant to plumb the limitless potential of subzero pastry and gelato. On Wednesday 1st December at 6,30 pm, the author will be live on Instagram @pasticceriainternazionale to answer to your questions


In presenting GenialMente Freddo, the new Leonardo Di Carlo’s book by Chiriotti Editori, we can’t help underlining the depth of knowledge expressed in this effort. In the true sense of the words, since the 990 pages volume explores gelato and subzero confectionery in great detail. Semifreddoes, mousses, bavarians, gelato, sorbets, slushes, popsicles… Everything is analyzed through theory and recipes, because every page is the result of the author’s approach. Everything must be reasoned, questioned and connected and this is why the book is full of calculations, schemes, parameters e production methods, with references and infographics, and a myriad of practical examples and step-by-step illustrations.

Sanctioning an indissoluble thread with his own two previous titles – “Tradition in Evolution” and “Evolution in Revolution” –, the new volume demonstrates the limitless possibilities and combinations in the sweet cold world, where texts, recipes and pictures are the result of the long lasting work which Di Carlo has dedicated to these themes for years. A study led by the scientific approach, including experimentation and tests validated by experience, so as to become a reference point and a consultation source from which to draw further information and knowledge.

Therefore this volume is not just a recipe collection, but an invitation and a stimulus to broaden one’s horizons and to open one’s minds, learning how to master techniques, to know ingredients and to create one’s own applications and interpretations, thanks to the heritage of theoretical and practical information dispensed by the author. A novelty that breaks the mold, as Leonardo tells us himself.

Interviewing Leonardo Di Carlo

How can we deal with such a dense book?
With calm and curiosity. The ones who do not know me need a little more time, but then everything becomes smooth and intuitive. The essential is to follow the reasoning step by step to “enter” into the operating process.

What’s your advice?
Start with the recipe and ask yourself some questions: why has this product a certain fat percentage? How was it calculated? And so on. Doing so, one becomes independent and the process becomes immediate, to the point that the desire to discover new worlds and combinations grows. Only leaving our comfort zone, the “I’ve always done this” mood, we can inspire the reasoning. Making mistakes is essential to do better and not to stop. Don’t rest mainly on hearsay evidence, don’t trust in suggestions that you have not considered. Just dig up to discover that you can always do better!

The chapters

Food and food hygiene
The fibers in gelato
Vegetable drinks
Lab made semi-finished products
PAC in gelato
Gelato in restaurants
Bavarians and mousses
Defects, errors, solutions
Themes, variations and infinite combinations
Ingredients and values

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