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Eating (gelato) is good for your health…

The 35th Sigep (Rimini Fiera, from January 18th to 22nd 2014) will host the debut of “functional gelato”, i.e. gelato that can contribute to solving troubles of the organism and/or keep it in good shape. It will be proposed by the Association of Maestros of Italian Gelato Making, which thus continues to present at Sigep the best in gelato making, bringing the project “Eating (gelato) is good for your health! Functional gelato in modern nutrition”, which will show how excellence is also achieved by on-going studies on new ingredients for this unique and highly popular product.
The Maestros of Gelato Making will show how professional gelato makers have such in-depth knowledge of the materials used for the day-to-day production of gelato that its production can grow, with the preparation of “functional gelato”. It is still tasty gelato, but become an ally of man’s health, thanks to the carefully studied balanced addition of elements such as fibre, probiotic and prebiotic products, officinal herbs, honey or royal jelly.
Ruben Pili, the new chairman of the Association of Maestros of Italian Gelato Making explains, “At Sigep we shall bring a slant on artisan gelato based on the concept of Wellness and Experimentation of tastes and functions unknown up until now in our sector. We shall play on a paradigm that considers artisan gelato as good food that is nourishing and can be functional for our organism if made with natural ingredients such as officinal herbs, fermented milk, fibre and other edible by-products provided by nature, such as honey or royal jelly, which help keep our organism in good health. To express this concept in the best possible manner, in both the preparation of the flavours and the public tasting sessions, at Sigep we shall avail ourselves of services of an expert nutritionist-dietician who will certify our proposals. Pili concludes, “With this project we shall be able to transmit motivation and passion, as well as launching collaborations and exchanging ideas. All this thanks to an event of international importance, such as Sigep, which ensures us a high profile, satisfaction and great results in terms of participation and enthusiasm.”
During the days on which Sigep is held, there will be a series of tasting and training courses on functional gelato: in the morning they will address Associations, Press and trade Organizations, whereas in the afternoon they will be reserved for the public.
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