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Discover the Marcolini Christmas Collection 2016 .


November is the month of the Tiramisu macaron, with vanilla mascarpone and coffee centre. Distribuited in limited edition across all Marcolini stores.
As light and breezy as an opera aria, the Tiramisu macaron comes clad in two shimmering shells: one coated in a gentle dusting of cocoa powder, the other coffee-coloured. This duo cushions a super-light mascarpone cream centre and another hidden delight: an intense, refined café au lait ganache. Each mouthful delivers a deliciously airy, vibrato dose of tiramisu.


macaron du mois de novembre coffret macaron novembre

Take a step into a world of fun, fantasy and poetry with 2016 Christmas Collection. Pierre Marcolini and Charles Kaisin have collaborated on some of the subtle, shapeshifting creations that are the hallmark of the Belgian designer’s style. Inspired by his love of origami and geometric models, this series of circles, triangles, cones and pyramids slot together to form irresistible characters and objects. Colours and textures whip up a playful, light-hearted whirlwind, while the flavours exude and ooze with all the intensity of Pierre Marcolini’s iconic Maison chocolate. Each one comes packaged in such beautiful boxes that you will want to keep them as collector’s items. Exclusively in stores Marcolini.

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Available on Line

Boxes of 15 and 36 Crystals (flavors declined in praliné café gianduja, praline dried fruits, praliné hazelnut vanilla caramel, praliné pistachio gianduja, caramel salted butter) are available online.
The joint tasting of chocolate and large whiskey or rum always offers excellent surprises. Thus Marcolini proposes the limited edition Collection Whiskeys and Rums. Selected Whiskeys: Arberlour, Oban, Ardbeg, Yamazaki and selected Rhums: Rhum Trois Rivières and Rhum Chamarel.
The Maison also proposes the collection of flavors among pure, infused or fruity ganaches, creamy caramels, or even crunchy pralines.


cristaux 15 fourreau    malline decouverte packshoot

Discover the characteristic of the truffles of Maison Pierre Marcolini: a fine chocolate shell and a creamy flavored ganache for an explosion of flavors in lightness. And Truffes Champagne, with a champagne-flavored ganache, sprinkled with icing sugar.
Finally, Pierre Marcolini gave life to the Assortment de Barre 2 Chocolat. The Barre 2 Chocolate Caramel-Pistachio takes us on the banks of the Bosphorus in the heart of Istanbul. The Gianduja-Nougat version pays tribute to Alba the refined, between hazelnuts of Piedmont and fondant of praline worked in Gianduja. The Milk-Nut bar brings us to the heart of Madagascar and reveals the aroma of its peculiar cocoa beans. Finally, La Barre 2 Chocolate Caramel-Vanilla reminds chocolate candy and toffee exchanged in the playgrounds, and invites the return to the childhood memories of Pierre Marcolini.

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