Winter wood cake by pastry chef Jean Francois Arnaud

Orange sponge cake, Orange supreme, Blood orange jelly, Chocolate streusel and Hazelnut creamy.
The recipe of the pastry chef Jean Francois Arnaud,
presented in occasion of the last edition of Asia Pastry Forum, in Kuala Lumpur.


Prepare the sponge and cover with the blood orange jelly. Cold down and cut it, pipe the supreme cream in the mold and push one layer sponge, cast again the supreme and cast again the sponge.
Cast again the third sponge, cover with cream and push the hazelnut crumble  covered with creamy hazelnut. Freeze to unmold

Orange sponge cake

275 g almond paste
100 g icing sugar
150 g egg yolks
100 g whole eggs
2 orange zest
75 g anchor butter
270 g egg white
75 g sugar
190 g corn starch

Emulsify almond paste with icing sugar, and whole eggs. Whisk by mixer until rubban texture. Whip egg white and sugar, and mix with the first part, add in the siftened starch and the melted butter
Line on 3 60×40 baking trays and bake 10’190°.

Orange supreme

650 g anchor milk
1 orange zest
70 g sugar
160 g egg yolks
70 g corn flour    g
100 g sugar
1 orange juice
70 g anchor butter
18 g gélatine
1000 g anchor whip cream

Cook the pastry cream with infused milk, add in the butter, the gelatin, and the juice, cold down and add the Soft pic cream.

Blood orange jelly

450 g frozen blood orange puree
90 g invert sugar
60 g sugar
16 g pectin NH

Warm up 40 degres, the puree, with invert sugar. Add in the sugar and pectine. Bring to a boil and cast on top the sponge.

Chocolate streusel

100 g anchor butter
100 g brown sugar
100 g ground hazelnuts
75 g flour
16 g cocoa powder
4 g salt
100 g dark couverture

Mix together all the ingredients except the dark couverture until the crumble texture
line on a baking trey, bake 18 mn 155. Cold down and mix the melted couverture.
Cast in flexipan mold, and cold down. Cut according the base size.

Hazelnut creamy

300 g hazelnut praline
190 g anchor cream
4 g gelatine

Warm up the cream and add in the gelatine. Emulsify by hand blender with the hazelnut praline. Cover the base and cold down.

Pastry chef Jean Francois Arnaud
This recipe has been presented in occasion of the last edition of Asia Pastry Forum,
in Kuala Lumpur.


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