With Bravo chocolate becomes Duo!

The chocolate evolution continues at Bravo’s: the company presents the new Duo series of the professional continuous tempering machine K24 at “Host Milan 2015”, adding the “sister” K50 to the actual range and introducing a 50kg capacity tank.

The new Duo series wears the tempering machines with a new graphic of the command board, more similar to the chocolate shapes and colours, especially to one of its most traditional and popular expression: the bar. But this is not the only news we have! The most innovative aspects are related to the functioning of the machine, to facilitate the daily work of the Professional even more, providing tools and important information: the programs let you customize the working mode according to the knowledge of chocolate, and reducing the margin of error
K24 and K50 are equipped with additional optionals to set the machine for more processes in the laboratory: the vibrating table to produce perfect and smooth chocolate pralines, the Magic Carpet for partial or total covering, the truffle table for truffle enrobing and lastly the cooling tunnel, the latest 2015 news, thought for artisan and industrial laboratories, which cools and crystallizes the products inside through a conveyor belt.


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