In Paris for a three-day technical visit to the most famous pâtissier of city,
Hermé, Arnaud Larher and Jean Paul Hevin.
The photogallery.


Pierre Hermé.

IMG 2126 

IMG 2127


Arnaud Larher.

IMG 2159 

Arnaud Larher


Jean Paul Hevin.

Here the King Kong for the Salon du Chocolat 2014.

IMG 2233

   IMG 2229

IMG 2230

 IMG 2211

IMG 2214

IMG 2220

The shooting for the Ufficial Photo AMPI 2014.

IMG 2131

Lunch at Le Grand Café Capucines.
4, boulevard des Capucines.

IMG 2140

The traditional dessert Gran Café Capucines.
Creme brulèe, Bigné with chantilly cream, Pastry with chocolate, White chocolate mousse and berries.

IMG 2143

Dinner Fauchon Paris Le Cafè.
30, place de La Madeleine, Paris.

IMG 2165

Mini macaron with pineapple and basil sorbet.

IMG 2167

Chocolate and sweet, delicatessen and macaron by Fauchon.

IMG 2160

IMG 2162

The location for the ufficial cerimony with the Consul of Italy in Paris.

IMG 2235

IMG 2236

The Pastry Chef of the Year 2014, Davide Comaschi.

Davide Comaschi Pasticciere dellanno 2014 Trofeo Pavoni

The cerimonial buffet by Lenotre.

IMG 2246

IMG 2251

IMG 2249

The last breakfast at the Hotel Saint James and Albany, Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

IMG 2277

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