The Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition

Season 4: Freaks of the Industry
Credit Jimmy and Julie MacMillan as Executive Producers



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The Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition
Season 4: Freaks of the Industry

Pastry chefs can certainly be considered the ‘freaks’ of the restaurant kitchen. They keep crazy hours, long outlasting the kitchen staff and obsessing over every gram and chemical property of pastry ingredients. This ‘freakishly’ obsessive quality is responsible for beautiful and delicious sweets and chocolates.
Jimmy MacMillan


Episodes 1 & 2: Meet the Chefs and a Preview of Mystery Casting Challenge
(Chef and dessert recipes credit: Anthony Tahlier)

The point breaks down for the three challenges are as follows:
    Mystery Casting Challenge (15 Points TTL)
    Signature Plated Dessert (55 Points TTL)
•    Artisan Confectionery Challenge (30 Points TTL)

Points are awarded by the tasting Judges based on taste, originality, and use of ingredient. Creativity is highly valued in this competition and will be rewarded.

At the Saturday Load-in, there will be a drawing that determines Chef Finalists station & start time; plate selection, and ingredient selection order. Start times are staggered by approximately 40 minutes.
The Ingredient Selection will indicate which ingredients a chef must use for the Mystery Casting Challenge. These selections take place in front of the camera on Saturday. It will has access to some of these ingredients ahead of time, to allow you to create your recipe templates before the competition.

Chefs will design a composed (plated) demi dessert that must be created from ingredients selected in the Ingredient Selection, silicone molds courtesy of The Chicago School of Mold Making and food items from a Mystery Box.
Each chef finalist will create (8) Mystery Casting Challenge Plates, displayed on a plate provided by Steelite International.
Chefs will design a multi-component dessert that will consist of 2-3 cast (molded) items. Chefs may only use the molds provided to them in the Mystery Box they receive on Competition Day. There will be 3 molds in each Mystery Box. Each Box will have different molds.
A Mystery Box will be presented to each competitor at the start of the competition. Chefs must use the provided silicone molds, the Surprise Ingredients in the box and their Ingredient Selection items.
Ratios for the dessert must be submitted for the Mystery Casting Challenge; taking into account that some ingredients that will be selected on competition Saturday.
One ingredient from each category (see list below) must be used in this dessert. Once an ingredient is selected from the pantry, the other competitors may not use the ingredient.
The categories for the Mystery Casting Challenge pantry are Nielsen Massey Vanilla and extracts, PreGel Nut Pastes & Gelato ingredients, deZaan Gourmet Chocolate, Capfruit Purees, Koerner Company ingredients

The theme for the dessert will be Freaks of the Industry. Desserts should be outlandish and unique in their ingredient sourcing/combination, while maintaining the finesse and finishing of a fine dining dessert.
Recipes for the Mystery Casting Challenge must be submitted by the due date. It is understood by the Judges this is a template for what you have designed and will change when the Mystery Box is introduced.

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